Remembering Misha

Does this name invoke anything to anyone? Like it does tickle little nostalgia to me?.
Misha(also known as Mishka) was the mascot of 1980 Moscow Olympics and the cute brown bear was an instant favourite that Disney brought Misha into Mickey Mouse comics as a guest from Russia. MIR, the Soviet Union's publication house started a children's magazine called 'Misha' soon. They used to have folk stories, science fiction, some make it yourself stuffs, science and cultural tid-bits and Chess tutorials, the national game of USSR.
My grandfather used to subscribe for 'Sovietland' magazines long back. Maybe that is how, when Misha came through, he subscribed for that as well. My father says those magazines used to be very cheap at that time. I guess it was Prabhat Books, that took the subscriptions for the MIR publications books and magazines. I don't recollect reading Sovietland, but definitely yes, the memory of indulging in children's magazine 'Misha', lies just like that in mind, maybe little tattered.
Sometime before we grew up to realise the novelty of such magazines, USSR was gone, Misha and Sovietland had stopped, and whatever that was left at home was given away to bottle-paper collectors. I had been searching for that in internet for a while, that is when I came across this! 
PS. Does anyone still hold any old copies of Misha? or Sovietland? Just curious!


sangeetha R said...

heyy i had this at home.. my mom bought it :D
*nostalgic* ilooved the colourful pictures..and the glozzy papers and the big picture which used to come in their middle page !!

Sumit Roy said...

i love misha still now. i have about 20 copies from 83-84 that i collected from old book shop around 93-94. i was nostalgic past few days and brought out them to cherish memories of my childhood and thought about searching other issues, so found your post.

PJ said...

Thanks for the issuu link. There are more on issuu

Bhanu Prakash said...

I love MISHA magazine a lot. I used to enjoy creating paper models which were illustrated in most simple way.

Unknown said...

Hii Sumit,
Can we look at exchanging a few MISHA magazine copies as I have few spares with me... Pls let me know....
Regards Sid
Likeghostwriter at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

even i had gone through this wonderful magazine but i have no copy of it.i still cherish the memories of reading it